segunda-feira, 23 de maio de 2011

Adele + Beyoncé

“I met Beyonce at the O2, and at the Grammys,” Adele recalls. “I was basically dribbling as she was talking to me. “Then Jay-Z came over to talk to her but Beyoncé was like: ‘I’m talking, not now’,” she adds to the Daily Star. “He came closer and said: ‘Adele, can I just have one minute with my wife?’ “I was like: ‘’You know my name?’ Then I ran off onto a balcony and fell to my knees, crying. I’m the biggest Beyoncé fan, Destiny’s Child are my life. They kind of made me not just want to be plain pop, like with an auto-tuned, effected voice. Hours on end I used to try and copy Beyoncé, I love her, I think she’s amazing. Two of her songs, Crazy in Love & Single Ladies are by far two of the best songs in the last ten years as well. I don’t know her but she’s a huge part of my life. Everything I refer to has always got something to do with Destiny’s Child or her. She just knows what she wants. She’s in control of it all. She’s classy. She’s still totally f—king relevant. And just a nice person. I wouldn’t care if she walked in the room and f—king smacked me round the face, I’d still love her. Do you know what I mean? But she treats everyone with respect and doesn’t think she owns anything. She’s incredible.”  

Adele on Beyoncé. Contains excerpts from Rolling Stone Magazine & interviews from VH1’s ‘100 Greatest Artists Of All Time’ & The Daily Star.

ps: Tem como não amar as duas? :)

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